My favorite hotel in Xian, best places to stay in Xian ( Updated 2018 )

Xian has served as the capital of China for well over 1 thousand years, and it could be considered the center and origin of ancient Chinese culture. Nowadays Xi’an is a much less important city, but the former glory of this city can be felt. For me, Xi’an was well worth the visit for the terracotta warriors alone. A must visit spot that I enjoyed so much.

Easily one of the highlights of any China visit.

My favorite hotels in Xi’an:

Xi’an is one of the cheapest provincial capitial cities of China.  It offers so much and for cheap, considering its size. Bargains can be found easily. I would go for the kill and stay in a 4-star hotel for a very good price. Or even in a 5* hotel if budget allows it. This time, I have 2 favorite choices:

  1. Citadines Central Xi’an. 4* 50$. Unbeatable location, awesome hotel and they cared for me so well.
    Studio - Guestroom

    Beautiful studio, great location. Cheap price. For me, is a no-brainer.

  2. Xi An Mu Xing Apartment. 4* 40$. This place rocked, let me sum up my reasons:
  • I have stayed in this apartment for a mere 35$ a night. Awesome bang for the buck
  • Rated 9 in Agoda.
  • Nice location. A mere 100 meters to the subway station.
  • Lovely cozy room with a view.
  • Besides the bars area.

The room had a nice view of the Xian city wall.

I understand different people might cater to different tastes, so here are some alternatives:


Wyndham Grand Xian South Hotel. 5* 105$. The area is far from where I recommended, but still a decent place with a hard to beat quality to price ratio.
Ancient City Wall Home Apartment. 3* 115$. A boutique, stylish hotel located beside the city wall.
Gran Melia Xian Hotel. 5* 140$. An even more luxurious place.


  1. Citadines Central Xi’an. 4* 50$. My best choice.
  2. Xi An Mu Xing Apartment. 4* 40$. My best alternative to #1. Good for partying.
  3. Ramada Xi’an Bell Tower. 3* 35$. No better location for this.


Xian Xiangzimen Hostel. 3* (Hostel). 8$. Centrally located.
Xing Long No.37 Hostel. (Hostel) 17$. Beside the city wall. They have twin rooms too, trendy place.
Xian Han Tang Yi International Youth Hostel (Hostel) 3*. 10$. Good location, cheap, nice.

tangparadise in xian

Tang-paradise in Xian at night.


Where to stay in Xi’an?

As a tourist: stay in the center-most part of the city. On the lower half of this square if possible. Alongside the subway red line. Staying beside this subway line will solve many problems to move around the city.

Xi’an is on the cheap side of things, very cheap hotel rooms can be found centrally located. So there is no reason to venture far away.

Even more very good 4* and 5* hotel deals can be found for a relatively cheap price.

Xian city tourist highlights map

Xian city tourist highlights map

Xi'an City subway map

Xi’an City subway map

Besides Terracotta warriors, what to see and do in Xian?

Terracotta Warriors would be the absolute must-watch, as I said. People seem to not know much about Xi’an if we put aside the warriors, but there are more nice things to see and do =

  1. Xi’an City wall. The real deal when it comes to walls. Is really old and huge wall, really old even it is partly restored. I recommend renting a bike on top of the wall itself because it’s possible to bike above the wall itself. Yes, I’m not kidding. There are rental bikes on top.
  2. Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. 100% recommend this place. It’s awesome and beautiful. A huge pagoda, a panoramic view of the whole of Xi’an. A beautiful huge park full of history. I will recommend this place the most after the terracotta complex itself.
  3. Drum tower/ bell tower. Located at the very center of the city. Hard to miss, they can be visited in a couple hours.
  4. Muslim quarter. Located beside the bell tower. Again, an hour or two can be enough here. Plenty of street stalls and buzz. Might be too chaotic for some, but the meat and Xi’an delicacies are great. The Grand Mosque is also another highlight present not far from here.
  5. “De Fu Xiang” street. Or in other words, bar street. In here around 10 bars can be found next to each other. If you are coming in from the south gate, just enter Xiangzimiao street westwards. The street will take a right turn, then you can see the first bars. A lovely and very walkable street.
  6. Tang Paradise (大唐芙蓉园). Tang Paradise is a thematic park based on the Tang dynasty. Some might find the idea itself corny, but truth be told the place was so lovely. Nice greenery, nice buildings, lights and dancing show. Yes, sir!, I enjoyed it Tang style.


Xi’an is one of the cheap cities of China, and so I will tend to splurge a little on this city, enjoying more for less. Is also a city very used to tourists and they will treat you well. The shopping is very good and so is the culinary options this city has to offer. Enjoy! 🙂

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