Luoping cannola flowers in spring, how to go and where to stay

Luoping equals Canola Flower tourism. People visit Luoping to sightsee at the vast yellow canola flower fields. In the vicinities of Luoping their vast fields plus black mountains that make the views awesome.

Located in Yunnan Province, the Luoping County is particularly beautiful in spring. The black mountains surrounded by a yellow sea of blooming canola (rapeseed flowers) are a magnificent and unique sight.

Luoping is around 240km from Kunming, from where regular bus services are running. Allow at least 2 days to explore the area – a beautiful Jiulong Pubu waterfall is just an hour drive from the town too. If you guys need good hotels in Kunming you can check my best Kunming hotel picks here.

luoping flowers

The surreal scenery of Luoping. Now were talking

Best time to visit Luoping

Luoping Canola Flower Festival generally starts around January each year, the peak is mid-march, and last until April. This also means that on Chinese new year this place is packed, as this is a popular destination during CNY (usually in February.

If you can, avoid at all costs of traveling in China during Chinese new year.

Also worth mentioning that On warm days, the flowers would blossom earlier. Every year the blossoming would be a bit different.

Luoping government website can be checked here (Chinese language).

How to get to Luoping

  1. By train. 37-140 per person per way. Takes around 4 hours. Perhaps the best option for most people.
  2. By bus. 60-70 per person per way. Takes around 7-8 hours. You guys should take the bus departing from Kunming East Bus Terminal (昆明东部客运站).
  3. 3. Self-driving. Ideal option too, but not everyone has a car at disposal. 3 hours roughly.

Where to stay in Luoping

  1. Luoping Rongting Holiday Hotel. 4* 35$. Where you should stay here if you can.
  2. Qujing Luoping Hongyuan Guesthouse. 15$. Very much Chinese style.
  3. 97 Rock Hostel.

And that’s it. Luoping doesn’t have that many hotel options. But generally speaking 1 night suffices.

Luoping flowers image gallery

luoping flowers

luoping flowers

luoping flowers

Verdict about Luoping

The fields were truly incredible. I visited in late February and it’s hard to describe the feeling. As you feel floating in a sea of golden flowers.

I think Luoping it’s an amazing side trip for those who happen to visit Yunnan during the early spring. Especially for those who live in Kunming. The place is really stunning during canola season, not as famous as the stone-forest, but still very much deserving of its fame.

If you guys are looking for more travels at Yunnan province, I recommend Xishuangbanna and Lijiang.

Yunnan truly is so much winning for those who venture this far. The gift that keeps on giving.

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