What to do in Shiyan, Wudang mountains and where to stay

Shiyan is a prefecture-level city located in the Hubei province, central China. Not really far from Xian, a much more popular city.

It has roughly 3 million inhabitants, and not that many tourist attractions to be honest, as this city is more economic-centered that tourism oriented. But it has a very tourist site in the Wudang Mountains, a UNESCO site since 1994 with many beautiful Dao temples.


What to do in Shiyan?

Wudang Mountains


The Wudang Mountains consist of a small mountain range in the northwest part of Hubei, China, just south of Shiyan. They are home to a famous complex of temples and monasteries associated with the god Xuanwu. Unesco site since 1994.

Nanyan Temple

Located on the southern cliff, the Nanyan Temple is known as the place where Emperor Zhen Wu found Taoism and flew into the sky. The entire structure, pillars, beams, arches, doors, and windows, is made of rock.

Travelers who’ve seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will already be familiar with how scenic the Wudang Mountains are.

The hike is very long and will require a lot of energy, but a lot of aged people do this climb as well.

Zixiao Palace

The Zixiao Palace, the Purple Heaven Palace, is a Taoist temple in the Wudang Mountains of Hubei Province in China.

Golden Hall

The Golden Hall, located at the top of Tianzhu Peak, is one of the most distinctive points of reference in Wudangshan. It was built in 1416 during the Ming Dynasty. According to local stories, the hall was forged in Beijing and then taken to Wudangshan. The Golden Hall is a part of the Temple of Supreme Harmony.

Where to stay:

Cheap hotel rooms can be had for as low as 20$ bucks, better rooms can be had for a little more. It’s important to differentiate that the actual mountains are 10kilometer away from Shiyan.


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Shiyan 4*


What you would expect for a Hilton hotel. For whatever reason, it’s rated 4 stars and not 5. But I loved the rooms, the breakfast, and the pool.

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Hilton Garden Inn Shiyan

Believe it or not, Shiyan has another Hilton. This one has rooms a little cheaper for 50$ a night.

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Wudang International Youth Hostel:

Located at the foot of the mountain. It’s a pretty clean hostel located in a tall building.

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You Jian Inn


Located in the mountain, about 30 minutes to summit actually. So it’s a good choice for those who will do the hiking and want to stay there.

I recommend bringing your own towel tho.

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For even more choices I recommend Agoda Shiyan website here, the map also helps.











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