Best area to stay in Valencia and things to do in 2018

To keep it simple, for most tourists the best area to stay in Valencia, would be the city center. Take it from me, I know Valencia like my palm and the center is the place to be, for two important reasons. One, it’s very well connected, and two, it’s a very pleasant and interesting area to just chill out at. It also features a lot of the best restaurants in the city. And when you are in Valencia, it’s a must to eat a Paella.

This is my top 3 choices to stay in Valencia:

1. Cathedral Suites Hotel. Awesome luxury apartments for cheap. 4*

Just 50 metes away from Valencian Cathedral, talk about good location. The rooms look extremely new, and it is especially suitable for couples that want to have a romantic spot. I would also point out this place has:

  • Good breakfast.
  • Wifi.
  • Awesome location.
  • Very new and trendy furniture.
  • Not overly expensive.

This is hands down my favorite hotel place in Valencia.

2. The Westin Valencia. A 5-star good hotel choice in Valencia for 140 bucks. 5*

The Westin in Valencia hardly looks like a hotel from the outside. Because it features a very baroque and stylish facade. But on the inside, it has top-notch decoration and very modern facilities. The pool on the inside is really huge.

I also loved how nice the staff is and how they care for details without being too intrusive or annoying. Truly a 5-star experience without breaking the bank!.

3. NH Valencia Center. A 4-star alternative that feels like 5 stars for 80 bucks. 4*

NH in Valencia is a 4-star hotel that aims to provide a 5-star experience. The rooms themselves indeed feel like 5 stars. If you guys don’t care about everything else that should be it and I would look no further.

Great place, decent location. And really cheap price.

Places to visit just on Valencia city center:

1. Central Market.

Dates back to the Moorish Valencia, one of the oldest still running markets in Europe. In 1839, an open-air market was built at the site of the traditional street market and in 1928 the marketplace was roofed over. The building is still a marvelous example of Modernist architecture, worth seeing even if you do not plan to buy anything.

2. Valencia Cathedral. Catedral de Santa María

Valencia Cathedral is also known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral, this beautiful architectural monument is an absolute must-see when in Valencia. Built in Gothic style, the cathedral also mixes Romanesque, Renaissance and French Gothic styles all mixed up together. It is set on the site of a Roman temple that was later turned into a mosque.

Valencia Cathedral is known for the collection of religious works of art. It is also said to hold the world’s one true Holy Grail, a cup made of gemstone dating back to the 1st century. Awesome.

3. City of Arts and Sciences

A Valencia icon and cultural Gem. One of the main tourist attractions of Valencia and a must visit here. Also, it will consume quite a while to visit all the facilities. They hold a complex houses a science museum, the largest aquarium in Europe and a cool planetarium.

4. Silk Exchange. Also known as Llotja de la Seda (Silk Exchange)

World heritage site since 1996. A stunning place, genuinely old and with a really interesting story. Ask for it 🙂 . A few hints: This place was once used for silk trading and the upper floors served as a prison for people in debt.

Besides this 5 awesome places. There are many more good places to visit (among others):

  • The natural park “Albufera”.
  • The beach and the seaside walk.
  • A variety of genuinely old churches and historical buildings
  • “El Carmen” quarter.

And besides all this, it’s also a great idea to visit Valencia during the yearly city festivities called “Fallas”, in which the city is boiling with celebrations, and awesome things to see. Don’t even get me started, this city, despite not being overly big, it’s truly awesome and packs so much entertainment.

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