Where to sleep in Huangshan mountain? Top 5 hotel picks

I have stayed 2 times already in Huangshan city (and mountain), and a few guys have been asking which are the best hotels to stay in Huangshan.

Now, when we say “Huangshan”, we might be referring to 3 actual completely different places, easily confused (!):

  1. Huangshan mountain itself (黄山).
  2. Tangkouzhen town (汤口镇). The nearest little town beside Huangshan mountain.
  3. Huangshan city (黄山市) (or Tunxi). The biggest city located 70 kilometers away from the mountain. Which has an Airport by the way.

I will list hotels for number 1 and 3 mainly. I see little reason to actually sleep in Tangkouzhen, this little town is where people buy supplies before venturing into the mountain.


The misty mountains of Huangshan, in Anhui province, China.

Top 3 hotels to sleep in Huangshan mountain:

  1. Huangshan Baiyun Hotel. 4 ★★★★ Pick this one if possible. Facilities are decent.
  2. Huangshan Shilin Hotel. 4 ★★★★
  3. Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel. 4 ★★★★

Check the hotels for pricing. The pricing varies hugely depending on the time of the year.

One important thing to consider about the hotels here is that they are almost copycat. Owned and managed by the same people in fact. So they are almost exact copies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff works for various of these hotels at the same time.

In fact, the hotel pick is not super important in Huangshan, but the location is!. Pick just those who are on top of the mountain, not on the door (Baiyun, Shilin). This will prove to be very important later on at the time of going to watch the sunrises.

Top 5 hotels to sleep in Huangshan city (Tunxi)

I see Zero reasons to stay near the airport. I would pick to stay in this lovely little town. As close to the center as I can, but then again, taxis are available and super-cheap, so no need to break a sweat =

  1. Huangshan Tunxi Lodge. 3 ★★★. 30-50$. Cheap, decent rooms.
  2. Huangshan Ancient Town Youth Hostel. 2 ★★ Cheapest option, it’s actually a hotel. Place suffices and you can’t go cheap than this.
  3. Huangshan Old Street Courtyard. 3 ★★★ 50$. Nice rooms, very centrally located. But might be a bit overkill for the actual (high) price.
  4. Huangshan Parkview Hotel. 4 ★★★★ 60$. Not a super cheap option either, but the rooms are noticeably WAY BETTER. A little bit away from the city center, beware.
  5. Huangshan Shuguang Yusong Hotel. 4 ★★★★. Not centrally located either, but this hotel is fantastic.

Hotels to stay in Tangkouzhen town:

As I said, little reason to actually sleep here. That might also be the reason why the hotels are dirt cheap here.

  1. Huangshan Cheng Jin Hotel. 4 ★★★★ 30$
  2. Huangshan Castle Youth Hostel. (Hostel) 7$

Bonus, hot spring that kick-ass:

Here is a bonus if you read this far. I loved this place so much that it ended up being one of the highlights of the trip, perhaps because I am a Hot-springs enthusiast. This hotel is a luxury hotel Spa. The hot-springs itself is onsen style, and the time I went here there it wasn’t crowded at all. It was great.

Usually, the hotel includes the spa and room in the same price. Plus breakfast!. A perfect way to either rest before climbing, or soak yourself after days of hiking (better).

Huangshan resort and Spa. In winter it’s indeed steamy. So awesome feeling.

The exterior of Huangshan Ancient Town Youth Hostel. They have both double rooms, and normal hostel rooms.

Mt. Huangshan in Anhui, China morning

Mt. Huangshan in Anhui, China morning



A couple videos to get your Huangshan mood going on:


Said it several times that this place is awesome. To sum it all up:

  • I would spend a couple of nights at Tunxi.
  • And a couple at the Huangshan mountaintop.
  • Gear un Tangkou if need to.
  • And don’t miss the sunrises and sunsets.

Now if you guys are interested in the hiking, and probably you guys are if you ventured here. You can read my hiking Huangshan guide here. And my guide to things to do in Huangshan here.

The place is just fantastic and a perfect side trip from either Hangzhou or Shanghai.

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