Top 7 hotels in Railay Beach and where to stay

Railay ( Raileh, อ่าวไร่เล), is an area located in the province of Krabi. Well known for its wonderful beaches and rock climbing activities. I love Krabi as it is one great and cheaper alternative to the much more crowded Phuket. If you need a hotel guide to where to stay in Krabi I recommend this Top 5 hotels in Krabi post.

You might say: “Isn’t Railay that place you visit from Ao Nang for a couple of hours and just go away?”, Yes and no. Yes: Because most people do that. But no, because you might actually sleep in a Railay resort and enjoy it fully with a different spin.

If you already decided that you want to stay in Krabi you are a smart individual, your choice is wise and you are in for a threat. 😉 Incredible bang for buck resorts, awesome food as everywhere in Thailand, peaceful place.

Tropical beach in Railay (Thailand). What this place is known for.

Ok let’s do it, best hotels for Railay:

First I will say that the high and low season differs by really much. On low season prices are so low that tears of happiness fall from my cheek. The bad thing is that on low season (Summer), it rains a lot. On high season (winter), the weather is still very warm and good. Anyhow here are my preferred hotels:


  1. Rayavadee Hotel. 5* 500$. At 500 bucks a night it delivers. Great choice for honeymooners in Railay.
  2. Railay Village Resort. 4* 200$. Cool villas, cool pool. Really good place.
  3. Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa. 4* 100$.


  1. Sunrise Tropical Resort. 4* 55$ . Perhaps my favorite place, rooms are what I expect and is OK to have a pool for an evening swim but I even like more to swim at the beach.
  2. Railay Princess Resort & Spa. 4* 50$
  3. Railay Bay Resort & Spa. 4* 70$. Very good place, I would this for quality without destroying the bank account.


  1. Rapala Rock Wood Resort 2* 25$. Very basic rooms that look straight outta 80’s.

And that’s it. There aren’t many much other choices, as this place is small. I recommend being careful with the environment as you guys stay here. The place is wonderful.

Best sunsets and sunrises ever.

Another best thing to do in Railay. Look for the best sunsets and sunrises ever.

How to get in Rai lay?

Only by boat, the place is surrounded by mountains and ocean:

  • 10 minute from Ao Nang.
  • 30 minute from Krabi.

What to see and do in Rai lay?

  • Diving/snorkeling. Great place for this, despite being a noob snorkeler I loved my first time. 😀
  • Trekking. Not so good, the island is too small.
  • Rock-climbing. I didn’t do this, and tbh I really don’t understand those who do. The place is hot, I just want to lie down in the sand and take it easy. But yeah, is possible to rock climb here and you need gear for it.
  • Island hopping. Perfect.
  • Kayaking. Also a perfect place for kayaking. Must do even.
  • Caves. Checking out the caves seems the must-do thing.
  • Nightlife. Nope, here be no nightlife, go back to Krabi or Ao Nang for some.
  • Chilling and drinking some coconut juice or beers. You know it.
Perfect beaches in Railay.

Perfect beaches in Railay.

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