Top 5 Favorite hostels to enjoy Bangkok very cheaply

Ah, Bangkok! The mighty capital of Asia… well, of Thailand, but one could argue Bangkok is the true capital of Asia. A megapolis that has it all: Smily people, great shopping, ancient culture, massages, cheap hotels, and godly Spicy food!

I love Bangkok and I have been many times there since 2008, and I really recommend this city. Not long ago I wrote about the best hotels in Bangkok here, in fact, I find there’s so much juice in the 3-4 star hotel range. Indeed, not a very expensive city.

But for those who want to stay in Bangkok spending even less, I recommend these fantastic hotels =

1. Golden Mountain Hostel

About a mile from the crazy Khao San street and near the famous Temple of the Golden Mountain is this small family-run hostel. It is one of the newest and most beautiful hostels in the city. The bedroom beds are actually cubicles built into the wall for privacy, and each room can accommodate eight people. The decoration is super beautiful and well thought out. The mattresses are soft, the pillows and quilts are comfortable, and the bathrooms are beautiful and clean (two showers, toilets, and sinks for each room of eight people). This is a great hostel if you want some peace and quiet. It is one of the best in Bangkok.

Beds from 350 THB / $ 10.60 USD.

—> Book your stay at Golden Mountain Hostel!

2. Mad Monkey Hostel

Another backpacker institution near Khao San Road, this is probably the best hostel in Bangkok if you want to party. It has a restaurant, a pool and a tour desk with some of the cheapest and most competitive prices in the city. In addition, you will have comfortable beds, a cozy blanket, and your own plugs and lamps. All rooms have air conditioning. Although it is a little more expensive than elsewhere in the area, you are compensating with one of the best social scenes! If you’re looking to meet backpackers, it’s easy to do it here!

Beds from 410 THB / $ 12.45 USD, rooms from 1,000 THB / $ 30.40 USD (book through your own website to get the cheapest rates)

—> Book your stay here!

3. Green House Hostel

This large hostel is an institution for backpackers, with large rooms, tourist services, a bar, a pool table, and a decent restaurant. It is the best hostel in general in Bangkok! As an added benefit, you can negotiate the price of your room if you walk. The rooms are very basic (as you can see in the picture of my room above), and while the beds are hard, the pillows are quite soft. There is a nice desk and the bathrooms are cleaned every day; They are simple, but the water pressure is excellent. Suggestion: avoid the rooms in the front of the building, as the noise of the streets is triggered and you do not sleep.

—> Book your stay here!

4. Lub d Bangkok Silom

Lub d Silom is a very popular place for backpackers looking to stay somewhere other than Khao San Road. The hostel is kept in good condition, the rooms are spacious and have electronic locks, the staff speaks English fluently and there are many activities for groups. It is a hostel more European style than a traditional Asian guest house.

Beds from THB 305 / $ 9.30 USD (discounts for early bookings and longer stays)

—> Book your stay here!

5. Bangkok Tree House

Located south of the city along the river, this eco-friendly guest house is a wonderful place to get away from the concrete jungle of Bangkok. The floors, walls, and ceilings are made of reclaimed wood and local bamboo, juice cartons provide insulation and renewable energy provides electricity. The accommodations are basic, but you can walk through one of the most pristine parts of the city. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, it is probably the most exclusive accommodation in Bangkok. They have a lot of lands to ride a bike too!

Rooms from THB 4,590 / $ 139.60 USD (15% discount for shopping online, bringing a bike, being an expatriate and staying more than four nights)

—> Book your stay at the Bangkok Tree House!

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