[S03E07] Parts Unknown episode review – Thailand

The episode 7 of Season 3 was about Thailand. Specifically north of Thailand in Chiang Mai. It’s a humorous episode that turns around some jokes and cliches, like “Party in Thailand” cliche and so on.

Some of the food shown in this episode is truly godly. I can vouch that northern Thai food is awesome and different from the equally good food of the south. Those noodles, that pork sausage, man!. Awesome and delicious, I did eat plenty of those when I was in Chiang Mai.

I also felt very jealous because Anthony’s friend (Andy Ricker boss from Pok Pok restaurants) is a man who knows very well the place, and Tony was truly lucky to get guided by him, they visited plenty of cool places that only a local or a seasoned-foreigner could know. That “insider” information is truly valuable, believe me!.

Other than that is a decent episode, depicts Thailand fairly. As you can have a lot of fun and parties in Thailand, without the need of going too crazy or causing trouble.

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