Top 10 things to do in Krabi

Quiet and relaxing is what best defines Krabi. As a late comer, Krabi has not been “discovered” as a traveling destination until recent years. Not so crowded as Phuket, Krabi is a favorite for many, including myself. Here’s my personal list of Top 10 things to do in Krabi, and I took the photo’s  in Ao Nang, Poda Island, and Railay. Enjoy.

1 . Explore the islands

Number 1 is actually an easy one, Island hopping is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Krabi. The coastline is simply beautiful in this part of Thailand. And probably the best reason to come. Phi Phi island is probably the most popular and a must. Koh Tup, Koh Gai, Koh Mor and Koh Poda, bamboo island, monkey island are also beautiful. I recommend hiring a tour or a private boat and explore as much as you can.

Krabi beach

Krabi beach

2. Kayaking

Krabi is perfect for kayaking, because the water remains calm and lovely in many areas. Combine that with some of the most breathtaking cliffs I have ever seen. And you get the perfect kayaking spot. Again, hiring a guide for this is recommended. You can check this agency as a reference: .

Kayaking through the beautiful mangroves of Bor Thor into the silent lagoon on the other side of Meut Cave, is really something else.

Krabi beach

Typical beach in Krabi: perfect.

3. Krabi Town

Krabi town, has about everything a tourist needs: Thai food, Shopping, ATM’s, massage shop, tour shops, etc. I do recommend visiting Krabi town at night though, when a night market set’s up, and there’s the possibility to eat some Thai snacks and bbq.



4. Elephant Trek & River Camp

This might be considered as a cliche by many, Elephant rides are offered in other areas of Thailand as well like Chiang Mai. And while I admit it might not cater everyone’s taste, watching the elephant’s bath is always a rare sight that i love. Certainly this is the closest you will ever get to an elephant. Once again, i recommend hiring a tour for this. The camp is located about 7 kilometers from Krabi town.


Krabi beach

5. Go Hiking

There are a some national parks around Krabi and Ao Nang where you really can experience what real rainforest is like. Phanom Bencha national park, features a waterfall and a jungle walk. It’s well maintained and quite spectacular. Entrance fee is 200 THB for foreigners and 20 THB for Thais.

There is another national park named Khao Honnak, that i recommend. The views from up there are truly wonderful. And also possible to do Rock climbing in Railay beach.

Krabi beach

Love this, warm but not too hot. Perfect swimming day.

6. Thara Park

This is where the Thai people go for “Pai Tio”. Pai Tio basically means ‘wandering around aimlessly for fun’. And this is what people do here. The park is by the river and is just a really pleasant place to sit on the grass, picnic or relax in a cool afternoon. Is clean and safe, and a great place to bring along children as well.

Amazing beach in krabi

Amazing beach in krabi

7. Snorkeling, Scuba diving, swimming

Anything water related fits perfectly to Krabi. I love swimming and while at Krabi I used to Swim almost daily, either on the beach or in the hotel pool. I found the water to be very quiet on some of the island, and filled with fish of all the possible colors. I simply couldn’t imagine of a better place to swim.

Blue and clean sea at Krabi Thailand

Chicken island!. Yeah, it looks like a chicken.

8. Eating

Thai food is a delicacy that not to be missed, seriously!. It might give a hard time to some because it’s spiciness, even to spicy food lovers. Because Thai food is truly very spicy and kind of sweet. But the number of delicious Dishes is never-ending!. In Krabi I recommend, of course, to eat seafood’s. Go to Ao Nang seafood street, and bask in to glorious seafood Thai deliciousness. I recommend investing some time in to make a list of Krabi restaurants to visit, and try as many new things as you can. It might sound silly but it will be one of the highlights of your Thailand trip, and you will remember all those awesome Thai food dishes you tasted ( for cheap!). The grotto in Railay is one of those rare finds.

Krabi fish

Krabi fish

9. Enjoy the Nightlife

While not so crazy as Phuket’s nightlife or prominent as the famous Full moon party’s. Krabi still features some interesting choice of pub’s, bar, coffee shops, sports bar that will cater almost anyone choice. An evening walk on the beach is also an interesting choice.

Crystal clear sea in Krabi

Crystal clear sea in Railay islands

Krabi photos. Thailand

10. Wat Tham Suea. Tiger cave temple

It might be hard work climbing the 1237 steps, but the temple and the views from the top are excellent. A taxi can be taken to reach here, or  motorcycle taxi that will cost about 70 baht or so.



Poda Island @ Krabi

Poda Island.


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