Top 5 things to do and see in Nantou

1. Sun Moon Lake

The biggest lake in Taiwan and a major tourist attraction. The weekend was very crowded but after Monday arrived this was a very peaceful place. Is it possible to swim for those who are wondering?

The best way to get is to arrive at Taichung train station and take a taxi or bus from there. It’s perfectly possible to take a boat too, or just to rent some bikes. Great stuff.

2. Monster Village + Xitou Forest Recreation Area

This is actually a Japanese styled themed town. Perhaps is best to be visited at night, while in the day-time hiking in the area is possible. I love hiking so this was all good for me.

Xitou forest is a valley surrounded by mountains. The highest is Lingtou mountain with 2025m about sea level. With extends to the north forming a mountain range. See pictures below.

3. Qingjing Farm

Situated in the Nantou County in Central Taiwan, 8km north of the Wushe Section of the Central Cross-Island Highway, with an altitude of 1,750 meters above the sea. The weather is generally mild all year due to altitude.

Far away from the city in the mountain, Qingjing is indeed a popular tourist spot all year round:
spring for flowers, summer for coolness, autumn for maples and winter for snow. Is hard to believe such a place exist in Taiwan and is not how I imagined this place. A very mountainous and green place. Got to see many sheeps an animals place, and again, to do plenty of hiking.

There is some horse riding show, DIY activities and such. This place feels very rural and far away from civilization but that’s a good thing.  The views are amazing and are it possible to have views over the clouds and mountains, is great. In winter there is the possibility of watch snow.

4. Taroko National park

Yet again another chance to do some amazing Hiking in Taiwan. This time along a river in the Taroko national park. The scenery is great, and perhaps this place is known thanks to the narrow bridge that crosses along a river in here. I had a good time hiking in here, recommend to everyone. Cool place!.

5. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Last but not least the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Not least because perhaps is the best place of the whole list?. Well. This place is certainly beautiful. And a must see if you happen to arrive on time to watch the cherry blossom flowers that will cover everything with a beautiful pink color.

If not on time for the flowers the place is still a majestic sight and has many interesting things to discover. This themed place has a castle replica, a huge garden, premium tea, cultural things to do see, and nice people all around. Plus the amazing dancing show.

To my surprise, there was also an attraction ride.

Entrance ticket cost 750NTD.

Hotel options in Nantou

Check my other post in which i talk about the Top 5 hotels in Nantou , in which i compile the information about my stay in Nantou hotels.

Perhaps one amazing option is to stay in the Chengpao Hotel. 3* 60$. Really a good place.

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