Top 5 hotels to stay in Dali, China (Updated 2018)

Lijiang is a very touristic city located not very far from the also famous Lijiang, Southwest of China, province on Yunnan.

Talking hotels in Dali, they are not as numerous and as cheap as the neighbor city of Lijiang, but there is a Key advantage which is the huge lake located beside Dali. This lake is really huge, and staying in a hotel beside it’s really pleasant. The feeling is a little bit like the seaside, but not quite, it’s hard to explain but this place is lovely and I understand why many people fall in love with this place.

Best hotels to stay in Dali:

Area location is not as important in Dali, stay where you please. Inside Dali city is good, outside Dali city is good too. In fact, many people move around using motorcycles and such or opt to say somewhere around the lakeside, I recommend these =

Lakeside hotel options in Dali (Erhai Lake, mind transportation):

Entrance to old story Inn.

Fantastic views.

View from Xingyu hotel. One of the best things to do in Dali actually.

What to do and see in Dali?

  1. Chongsheng Three Pagodas
  2. Erhai Lake
  3. Dali old town

This 3 are the main attractions of Dali and the main things to see for any typical tourist. And in fairness, most tourists would enjoy visiting these. Besides them, there are a few more interesting things to do:

  • Gantong Temple
  • Yunnan Shaxi Ancient Town
  • Yu’er Park Dali Museum
  • Shaping Market
  • Little Putuo Island

And more even, but like I say, not a lot of tourists venture to see these.

And of course, one thing not to miss in Dali to eat the famous Dali noodles. I can vouch that those taste so well.

Dali old city south gate.

Dali old city south gate.

Dali three pagodas and the symbol of this city.

Dali three pagodas and the symbol of this city.

A few videos about Dali to arouse your traveling mood:

My verdict about Dali

Very well worth to visit this city, and it was very convenient to go here from Lijiang. The feeling at Dali is very laidback, a little bit of “hippie” flavor if you catch my drift. But awesome.

Great place, great food, good people, and a lovely atmosphere to be found here.

The hotels are a bit more on the expensive side in Dali, but still a good experience.


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