Free Lightroom preset of the month – Cinematic Film 33

Hi guys, another month passed-by and here’s my free Lightroom preset of August. You can also download last month’s Alien green preset by clicking here. This month i bring a very simple yet useful preset: Cinematic Film 33 preset. The thing about this preset is that the colors are changed on the split toning, color calibration and HSL bars, the tone bar is untouched in this preset, yet the preset does a nice job.

Free Lightroom preset of the month – August 2016 – Cinematic Film 33


Free cinematic preset of the month.

One of my favorite cinematic lightproof presets.

Worth noting that contrary to what usually almost all preset do, this preset:

  • Does not change in tone.
  • No changes in White balance.
  • No lens correction profile.

So, of course, for even more beautiful post-processing I would do any required changes in tone and white balance to get picture-perfect images :).


Free cinematic preset of the month.

This preset works beautifully without modifying the tone.

This preset offers a beautiful Cinematic toning without hitting the saturation bar downwards.


Free cinematic preset of the month.

This is a preset that works well instantly but still requires some post-editing work.

What this preset do:

  • Many small adjustments on the Hue, Luminance and saturation bars.
  • Split toning.
  • Sharpening push.
  • Some vignette.
  • Strong changes on camera calibration.


free lightroom preset

I like how the preset works well automatically without changing much the tone bars.

Free cinematic preset of the month.

Worked quite nicely here

Free preset of the month.

Color changes quite a bit dramatically due to changes on color calibration.

Preset can be downloaded for free here.


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