Top 3 Hong Kong Skyscrapers

Hong Kong architecture is all about high rises and skyscrapers, no doubt about that. Not only in the characteristic skyline, but pretty all around the city we can affirm that Hong Kong is a city made of skyscrapers as a whole. The one’s that i find so fascinating are the particularly tall and slim skyscrapers that can be seen in districts like Central, Wan Chai or Caroline hill. Like these i never saw in any other city in the world. Perhaps because the space here is so precious, there is no other choice but to adapt to the small given space and conditions. Just imagine, a one lane street with such high vertical rises on both sides of the road, and in some parts of the city even built on a mountain slope!. It’s amazing. If i had to choice this would be my Top 3 Hong Kong Skyscrapers.


Hong kong skyscrapers

1. Bank Of China tower

The Bank of China Tower is, in my opinion, the most spectacular skyscraper of Hong Kong. And Hong Kong is one of the cities with most Skyscraper buildings in the world.

Bank Of China tower is the protagonist of the skyline of Hong Kong for their trendy looks and forms, even more in the night when this building truly becomes a spectacular sight. One might think this is a futuristic design, some sort of building of the future, but the reality is very different, as the building was designed in 1982 by the Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei. But it wasn’t inaugurated until May 1990.

This skyscraper is located in Central district, and is also renowned for its dizzying numbers. It measures 396 meters and has a total of 70 plants. Maybe these numbers don’t explain or mean anything, but consider the following: this angular formed beautiful building was the highest in Asia between 1989 and 1992.

However, now it looks like a child compared to the also impressive neighbor IFC building(International Commerce Center) 490 metes. Also massive are the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei 101 Taiwan or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with its record 828 meters.

If you want go in to look inside, and admire to the always spectacular views offered in Hong Kong, Bank of China Tower has a public viewing in the  43 floor. You can also climb to the 70th floor, but you must make an appointment beforehand.

If you come to Hong Kong for tour, there is just no chance you wouldn’t notice this building and have a chance to admire it. The most common place to do so is at the Avenue of Stars. And the view is great all day long. But when the sun sets, that’s the moment when Hong Kong shines at is fullest. At night is simply the ideal time to view the Hong Kong skyline. There is plenty of people who know this and come to the promenade to take a walk, some other people use the Avenue of Stars ample space to do some jogging. And most others just sit at the bay to just contemplate the lights. The light show is viewed from the bay causes fix your gaze on this mole.

But for me, the sweet spot is at Central district itself. Just where the tram passes by. And is even possible to photograph both the tram and the building in the same picture, which is amazing. Here you would be forced to look up in the sky, and the building feels really close. So until your neck begins to ache, you will have one of the most spectacular views of Hong Kong (and that’s saying a lot in a city with so many photograph candy moments).

This is the Bank of China Tower, the simply most spectacular skyscraper of Hong Kong and a real case study for architecture lovers

Height: 367.4 meters
Floors: 78
Architect: Ieoh Ming Pei
How to get there: MTR Central Station, Exit J2. Go through Chater Garden and walk towards Garden Road.
Website: BOC

BOC Hong Kong

Bank of China Tower

BOC tower

BOC tower

2. ICC ( International Commerce Center )

ICC, is the newest super skyscraper to take the title of Hong Kong’s tallest building. Together with the city’s second-tallest building, Two IFC on the opposite shore, the imposing pair create the dramatic effect of a modern day Colossus of Rhodes at the western entrance of Victoria Harbor.

The building is dedicated to mostly office space, but also count with a observation deck and a Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Two of the building’s giant facades serve as a more than 50,000 square-meter platform for a spectacular light and music show, which was recognized with a Guinness World Record for the largest light and sound show on a single building. This dazzling animation and sound effects show happens twice nightly, so keep an eye out!

Height: 490 meters
Floors: 118
Architect: KPF

Address: 1 Austin Road West, West Kowloon, Kowloon
How to get there: MTR Kowloon Station, Exit B.


ICC Tower Hong Kong

ICC Tower Hong Kong

ICC hong kong

ICC hong kong

 3. HSBC Main Building

Before the boom of architecture in the Middle East, the city that had all the major projects was Hong Kong. An example of this, is the Pharaonic HSBC Main Building of Norman Foster. HSBC Main Building was completed in 1985 and at the time cost was an astonishing one billion US dollars. In its day, was the most expensive building in the world.

For the project Norman Foster designed a kind of robotized building where the floors are hanging up instead of from the bottom up. Another peculiarity of the HSBC Main Building is the system of computer-controlled mirrors, with the purpose of giving the court always the maximum amount of natural light.

If you like architecture, you surely would have a delightful time watching the gears, chains, and other moving parts of the HSBC Main Building of Norman Foster in Hong Kong.

This unique skyscraper is located in Queen’s Road Central, in one of the noblest areas of Hong Kong and easily accessible on foot from the subway station or Central Star Ferry stop.

Height: 178.8 meters
Floors: 52
Architect: Lord Norman Foster
Address: 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong Island
How to get there: MTR Central Station, Exit K.

HSBC main building

HSBC main building. Photo @ Tomoaki Inaba


Bank of China Tower Hongkong skyline

Bank of China Tower Hongkong skyline Photo @ Chris lee

BOC, Cheung Kong Center, HSBC building, Standard Chartered Bank building

Photo @ 謝浩然

Which is your favorite Hong Kong skyscraper?.



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