5 top reasons to love Tuscany province + 10 amazing photos

Tuscany or Toscana. Is a central region of Italy, which capital is Florence (Firenze, an amazing city itself). Is one of the biggest and most important regions of Italy, because her Economy, Artistic heritage, culture and history.

1. Tuscany villas

2. Amazing Italian Foods

Amazing Italian wines, cold cut hams, salami, desserts, you name it. For those familiar with the flavors ( i am indeed very much), will love the stuff. For those not accustomed to the flavor (for example Asians have a hard time to enjoy it) no need to panic. Do as the Romans do and just enjoy the thing. Salami comes from pork and is an Italian specialty, just try it!. Also when i visited the place i had some amazing wines for less than 10€ a bottle.

Just be careful if you are driving, a good idea is to buy a few bottles and give them a go at night :).

3. Exploring the Tuscany fields and sunsets/sunrises

This is what i enjoyed the most, and probably why Tuscany is famous to begin with. I had the chance to travel in here by bike which allowed me to cover more terrain in less time. The sunsets are incredible, favored by the terrain and the clean air. There is no pollution anywhere and the low hills are a perfect setting.

Toscana is famous for being a romantic place (i guess?), but anyone will find a place to enjoy.

4. Culture and history

There is so much to see in the province. Begging with Florence, Siena, Pisa. Not for anything this is one of the most important tourist provinces of the whole Italy. Tuscany requires a non-rushed schedule, traveling with calm and exploring the fields. But Florence is a must-watch city too, if you came this far i wouldn’t miss it.

5. Stay in a authentic Tuscany Villa

This is not only doable but highly recommended. I can highly recommend:

Residenza Santa Maria In Borraccia. For about 100 U$ a night

Poggiolivi Country House. For about 120$ a night. The rooms are stunning, seriously.

Poggio Sasseta. A cheaper but effective more rural option for 79$, but with a nice pool.

Many other villas offer ecotourism packages and activities to do.

Tuscany top 10 photos

The best time to visit Tuscany is probably April to may, September to October. Spring and Autumn when the temperatures are perfect. But i strongly believe that Tuscany is a great visit all year long. Even on winter there is a definitively appeal.

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