[S10E01] Parts Unknown – Singapore

I, like many other people, have been very impacted and saddened by the news of Anthony Bourdain’s death. I have been a fan of his laid-back attitude, mellow and natural personality.

I loved his Asia episodes and I will share a few of them if I can find them, merely for review purposes.

In this Singapore episode, Anthony Bourdain touches plenty of political aspects regarding Singapore. It gave me the feeling that Bourdain disliked the place and to some extent, he wasn’t even interested to be there. A lot of the episode gravitates around food too.

My personal opinion about Singapore is that the place is great. Cannot chew gum?, no press freedom?, too many CCTV cameras? nanny state much?. Well, so what?. If that’s all the problems the Singaporeans had to face to reach that level of progress. So be it. It’s not that bad. The main problem is that some people in the west scream in fear when there is no “democracy”, and they are supposed to be the tolerant ones. Heh.

Disclaimer: I don’t host nor own any of this videos. Linked as a mere courtesy.

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