Beijing subway maps and tips

Otherwise known as MRT, easily the most convenient way of transportation in Beijing. Taking a taxi is probably faster, but sometimes is quite difficult to get one when you need it, and there’s the language barrier also. For me using subway is the way of getting around i recommend. But bear in mind Beijing city is huge and will take lengthily time to reach your destination.


Beijing mrt map in english  iamatravelblog


beijing mrt subway map

Beijing subway english map

Beijing subway map

Beijing mrt map city center


  • First train departs about 5 AM, last train around 11 PM.
  • Airport fare cost about 25 RMB ( one way). I do recommend this way to reach Beijing.
  • Airport line second stop will drop you directly at Dongzhimen station (Line 2)
  • Single fare ticket goes from 2 to 10 RMB.
  • Most of Beijing Subway staff speaks English and would be willing to help you (exclude rush hour).
  • And yeah, avoid rush hour (8-9 in the morning. 6-7 afternoon) when possible. It can get seriously packed. 7-8 morning 5-8 afternoon is also quite busy time. Otherwise using the subway is a comfortable way of getting around in Beijing, and you can even occasionally sit.


Lines 1 and 2 are extremely useful for tourist and the main lines you will find yourself using.

  • On line 1, get off at Tian’anmen West and you can go to the Forbidden city, Tian’anmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Jingshan park.
  • On line 1, Wangfujing stop. To splurge at Wangfujing Shopping area.
  • On line 1, Xi’dan stop have some cool malls,alleys and restaurants i do recommend.
  • On line 1, Yong’Anli stop for the Bird market.
  • On line 2, Yonghegong station gets you to the Lama Temple.
  • On line 2, get off at Dongzhimen and go Dongzhimen Inner Street, also known as Ghost Street, to experience some of Beijing’s most popular night-time restaurants.
  • Line 5 Tiantandongmen stop, for the Temple of Heaven.
  • Line 4 Beigongmen station, gets you to the Summer palace.
  • Line 4 Ping’Anli station, stopping here you can reach the Drum tower.
  • Line 4. Beijing zoo stop gets you to the zoo (ok thats an easy one 🙂 ).
  • LIne 8. Olimpic green. Here you can check the Birds nest stadium.
  • Line 10. Tuanjiehu station. To reach Sanlitun village.

Contact me if there are more landmarks you know of, i am sure there’s a ton more and these are just the most typical, so i will try to keep this updated.

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